a high-intensity fitness program incorporating elements from several sports and types of exercise.
“I thought I was strong until I tried to do CrossFit”

CrossFit is a high-intensity exercise program that focuses on muscles, joints and ligaments using functional movements. Workouts ranging from push-ups and sit ups, to sprints and skipping, as well olympic weight lifting. These well-rounded workouts use large muscle groups and various ranges of motion which lead to better overall health, posture, flexibility, strength and balance
… But CrossFit is more than just getting in a workout. It’s the culture that has made it so popular. Want to find out what makes our CrossFit gym so great?


We offer three option to get started in CrossFit at Blended Athletics:
OnRamp Express – Offered every 1-2 months, this is a weekend packed information session.  If you are looking to take your fitness to the next level and want to join the fastest growing fitness facility in the HRM this 2 Day, 5 Hour course is for you.  $199+tax and includes a 1-month membership.
Private OnRamp –  If you can’t wait until the next OnRamp Express or if you are looking for a little more customized introduction to CrossFit, our 1on1 option is for you.  Offered 7 Days a week at a variety of times this convenient option could get you on the gym floor TODAY.  At $249+tax this option includes three 1on1 sessions plus your 1st month membership.  Contact us today to get started.
Personalized OnRamp –  Stepping into Blended Athletics is an intimidating process for most.  If you are looking for a 180 degree life changing experience or some extra time with one of our coaches to work through some rehab from an old injury or years sitting at a desk contact us and ask about our Personal Training program.  Sometimes a few months working closely with the same coach can ensure that you meet your goals.


Blended Athletics Memberships offer the best value possible for the services that you receive. These services include:

  • One CrossFit Instructed class per day
  • Unlimited access to open gym times
  • Blended Barbell Programming
  • Free Towel Service

1 mo

  • $140 + tax
  • month to month
  • 1 class per day, open gym
  • towel service

6 mo

  • $780 + tax
  • 6 months, paid upfront ($130+tax/month)
  • 1 class per day, open gym
  • towel service

1 yr

  • $1440 + tax
  • 12 months, paid upfront ($120+tax/month)
  • 1 class per day, open gym
  • towel service


  • $20 per class
  • towel service