• The Next CrossFit On-Ramp Starts Soon Only $99+tax.

  • Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams.

  • Fitness Week is May 25 - 30. Drop in to any class for $5!

  • today i will do what others won't, so tomorrow i can do what others can't.

  • keep your head up, heart strong and your spirit unbreakable.

THE LATEST: The Next On-Ramp begins May 18th, 2015  Click here to Sign Up.

New to Blended Athletics?

Located in Dartmouth. We offer a wide range of programs such as Crossfit, Personal Training & Sport Specific Programing, all based in a community of like minded individuals in a facility that strives to be the best. Take a look here to become a member in one of Halifax's largest training facilies.

Our Dedication

Our staff and community are dedicated to building and maintaining a positive atmophere that inspires, motivates and educates others to reach goals, improve fitness and live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Blended Athletics CrossFit

Our coaches and instructors are well trained and our facilities are very well equipped. Blended Athletics is over 9600 sq/ft of training area and 1 of only 2 Again Faster equipped Flagship Gyms in Canada.

Today's WOD

Saturday May 23rd, 2015

Hang Squat Clean

1min Max Cal AirDyne…

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Recent Pr's

March 2015
Nate Sherwood - 1RM PS 155#
Mark Penney - 5RM BS 265#
Annette Comeau - 3 unassisted Pull Ups
Terry Bramwell - 'Jackie' 8:04
Diane Ouimet - 1RM FS 215#

March 2015
Kim Kidd - 1RM C&J 110#
Steven Bonn - 1RM C&J 215#
Mohsen Aghdam - 5RM BS 215#
Steve Bonn - 1RM HPS 165#
Brittany Clancey - 1RM HPS 95#

March 2015
Nate Sherwood - 1RM C&J 175#
Stacey Holland - 1RM C&J 135#
Natalie MacDonald - 5RM BS 145#
Chad Anderson - 1RM PC 258#
Trish MacLean - 1RM C&J 95#

March 2015
Annette Comeau - 3RM OHS 80#
Jodi Venoitte - 3RM OHS 115#
Steven Bonn - 3RM OHS 175#
Chad Anderson - 3RM OHS 215#
Tammy Poirier - 5RM DL 215#

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Latest Blog Post

April 9th, 2015

Blended Athletics (April 2015 Newsletter)

April 2015
April’s Social: (Ground Zero Climbing Gym)
Sunday April 19th Blended …

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Blended Athletics is more than a place to work out. It is a community of support, motivation, education and health that is passionate about inspiring our members to be the best version of themselves they can be.